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Christmas is around the corner: You Can Start Shopping Now

Le 29/09/2016

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there are lots of things you need to put at the back of your mind, which will help you shop better this Christmas. You can always enjoy the promo that is offered for Christmas shoppers, in order for you to save money and time. Remember that the early shopper usually gets the best products at the best prices. Just like other shoppers, we always want to buy the best products. Both online and department stores have saleable products, which can be easily sold out, so if you want to grab the best online products from your favourite online store, shop early. For three months of looking for the best ones, you cannot be wronged for the prefect gifts you want to give. Just remember that online shopping is the same as physical shopping, some displayed items can be sold out immediately.

The other thing you need to do is just simply prepare everything you want to buy, the promo currently going on newfrog’s website offers a great deal of items at affordable prices. When you shop within the Christmas promo time, you stand to get $3 off for orders over $10, and lots of the items’ prices have been greatly reduced due to the Christmas promo that is going on. Also when you place orders over $20, you get $4 off, which is a great way of spending your money in preparation for Christmas. To start your online shopping, it is proper to prepare a list of your shopping needs. Christmas is also about food, and you cannot go wrong with the Funny cooking kitchen apron and sexy dinner party wear for just $3.95.


This will not only save time but will help your online shopping easy as possible. If you are unprepared, chances are, you will forget some important items you want to place on your online pushcart. The idea of having a prepared list of items can also save a lot of money for shipping, because most online stores offer discounted or even free shipping of items. Also when you leverage on the promo, you get $5 off for orders over $30 for this Christmas shopping. With the promo currently going on, you can get a USB temperature data logger for only $19.75, which is a very competitive price.It is also amazing that you get to buy a 4In1 DIY Prong Diamond Chisel Leather Craft Tools for just $17.09.


When you are done buying the Christmas items, you can let the online store do the wrapping, if they have that option available, since it will save you time.Christmas seems to be a time when almost all are busy. So, if after doing your online shopping, you do not still have time for gift-wrapping, you can also ask the online store where you buy your items to do the wrapping for you. Online stores usually have extra services such as wrapping that require only a small fee for their additional service. There are lots of gifts you can get from the  newfrog promo at very affordable prices.


​Christmas preparation: shop wisely

Le 27/09/2016

It’s basically about three months left before Christmas and the earlier you start shopping for it, the better. There are some special promo items you can take good advantage of, which are sold by, which is aimed at making things easy for you. As you'll probably already be aware, Christmas shopping online is going to take a huge amount of time and stress out of the run up to Christmas for you. It will make sure you not only get everything you want, it'll also mean you can have it delivered to you in the comfort of your own home; now what could be more convenient than that? Now lets take a closer look at some things you need to do in order to enjoy the available promos and shop for Christmas wisely this year.

Make a list 
Having some idea of what you want to buy, and making a note of it, is going to save you a lot of time and money online.The reason for having a list is the fact that you can do so many cost comparisons on the Internet. And stores such as newfrog offer a lot of affordable items, which is better if you have a list of what you need to buy. But in this case, you don’t have to go far since you can enjoy the promo that is currently going on. Promos such as the $5 off for orders over $30 is amazing and will help you safe a lot of money this Christmas.

Start buying early
A lot of people take their time when shopping for Christmas but for you to take advantage of the Christmas promo currently offered by newfrog, you need to buy early. The first 10 orders you place on the website can give you a free gift for orders over $40, so what are you waiting for? Most people will already know that the earlier you buy the more likely you are to avoid the dreaded 'sold out' message; it applies to any method you choose to buy that highly in demand gift this Christmas. You can also enjoy $3 off for orders over $10, with prices slashed down drastically. You can make your Christmas cooking more fun with the portable kitchen BBQ cooking tool for just $5.69, not to even mention the digital kitchen & Lab Gram Electronic for only $8.99 among other affordable items.

Shop smart and safe
Shopping online and enjoying the available promo will make sure you are on the safe side and shopping smarter. If you're buying from a small website i.e. not an online extension of a big high street company, then you should always check to make sure it is secured. If the payment system used by the website is secure then you should have no worries about using your credit card, and giving them your delivery details, because those details won't be accessible by any person not involved in the transaction of the product.


How to fitness in a hot day?

Le 21/09/2016

How does the heat on your body and what to look for so that your body is well prepared.

Firstly, it is important to start with a good warming-up. Because even though it's 25 degrees outside and you have it nice and warm, your muscles need time to warm up. The risk of injuries is larger when you're not warming up properly before exercise your muscles.

Warming up
A good warm-up makes your body warm and ready for the next performance you are going to deliver. The blood circulation of muscles gets better and makes them less vulnerable than cold, stiff muscles. A warm-up not only reduces the risk of injuries, but also ensures that you have less muscle soreness after exercise. This is due to the metabolic processes. After a warm-up your muscles get faster oxygen and energy. You are hereby produces less waste, resulting in less pain!

A good warm-up consists of three parts:
- Circulation warm up (general)
- Stretching exercises
- Sport Specific warm-up

How such a warm-up look like?
The circulation warm-up is focused on the increase of the heart rate and oxygen uptake. First walk a few minutes (at least 2-3) gently. Make this slight movements of arms and legs: think of it around swinging the arms, lifting the knees, cross step, etc.
When you're done with that, go over to the stretching exercises. Lets you practice the maximum movement of the muscles and joints. Consider stretching the thigh muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, but also to the triceps. Important when stretching is that you rack holding at least 20-30 seconds to achieve the optimal result.

Finally follows the sport specific warm-up: ie it hang from what sport you do. If you're going to play tennis for example, start with some quiet success. So your muscles are properly warmed up when you then start using explosive

After exercise: cool down
is just as important to bring slowly to idle your body after exercise. The main reason for this is that after exercise from one moment to the other stops moving and your muscles are no longer used intensively. Your heart has to adapt to this new situation and this requires time. Walk therefore after exercise always quiet to let your heart come to rest. This arid you through a cool-down.

This ensures, as a warm-up for a decreased risk of injuries and less muscle soreness after exercise. This is because a cooling down facilitates the removal of waste from the muscles. As hopes for instance lactic acid during exercise, causing a heavy feeling in your arms or legs. With a good cool-down, you lose the waste faster.

Prevent dehydration
Besides warming up, there are other aspects that are important in sports in warm temperatures, so dehydration is common. This is because you in dry and sunny weather often do not notice that you sweat, because it is already evaporated before you notice it.

The body can namely be up to 2.5 liters of fluid loss per hour, while it can be recorded to 850 milliliters per hour. So it is very important to properly hydrate before, during and after exercise: Maintain 150% moisture to maintain your performance. Drink cool beverages containing electrolytes and salt. This promotes better hydration. Check to be sure as the label for the content of your sports drink.

In short: outdoor sports with nice weather is a great way of moving, but you've got to prepare for your body. Drink enough and get a good start and conclusion of your workout. So a portable drinking bottle should always carry with which can be get from sporting stores.Besides, Dont's forget to wear a visor hat.

May you a healthy body with burly muscle!


​Vodool waterproof case for iphone 7 ,protection of new iphone

Le 14/09/2016

Worrying about your IPhone 7 when you hit the beach? Worry no more! Newfrog has the answer. Recognized as one of the best in making superior cases and gadget accessories, Newfrog offers another remarkable innovation. This innovation case promises  to do its job which is to keep your valuables dry and running. With its slim but spacious capacity, gadgets such as your IPhone 7, iPod, camera or even your credit cards can fit in the Vodool waterproof. Perfect when you go swimming, snorkeling, rafting, or doing any water activities since it guarantees protection for up to 5 meters below the water surface and was tested and approved by the British Standards.

This case is AMAZING!!! If you are wondering if this case is really waterproof….. Read on and then purchase. I purchased this case for myself for a vacation to the beach with my husband, long story short, my brand new phone iPhone 7 (inside this case) got lost in the ocean during high tide and rough swells. We gave up looking and accepted the fact that it was gone for good. A week later I got a phone call from a man who walks on the beach every morning found the phone, by the cord that was still attached sticking up out of the sand! He had to dig an almost a foot under the sand to retrieve the phone which was still intact and everything, in this case, was totally dry!!! I had my driver’s license, debit and credit cards and cash on the phone as well.

The phone had been in the ocean for 7 days!! The finder looked me up on Facebook and called, he mailed everything back to us and the phone was still working perfectly!! The Vodool Waterproof Case for IPhone 7 extremely recommended statute (BSI). You are assured that your gadgets are safe and dry.

The Vodool Waterproof Case for IPhone 7 has special instruction to be followed, though it is recommended to try and test it first by placing tissue or paper inside and following the directions on the small booklet that comes with the package. Then, it is advised to submerge it in a bucket full of water for some time. The Vodool Waterproof Case does not only protect your valuables from getting wet, but it also protects your valuables from dirt and sand. It also allows you to use you touch screen because of the transparent panel in front.

Not sure it is your case finding,more are here:newfrog iphone 7 accessories.


​Phone insurance,Protect your phone with style

Le 09/09/2016

People have their smartphones with them everywhere. This of course increases the risk of destroying his mobile phone, therefore it must be protected. Your new phone can see really well with the right mobile accessories such as cases, bags and so on. In addition to bracelets and cases for your phone, you can also choose colors and materials that fit your lifestyle. In the past meant protective accessories boring design. There are many cases on the market that are normal and simple solutions. But today there is a wide variety of attractive mobile bags, cases and screen protection for your smartphone. Get a modern and flexible protection.
Screen protection:
Most anti-scratch film is long lasting materials. A screen protection can be an easy, simple but elegant solution to the common problem of scratched screens. You can easily attach the screen protector on your smartphone and thus be safe compared to scratches, and dirt.
We recommend:
1.Soft Silicon Back Case Cover Protector for iPhone 5

2.LCD Screen Front Lens Glass Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 

Mobile phone accessories such as bracelets is a simple solution and in any case, a smart and comfortable cradle for your phone that gives you freedom of movement. If you like to have your phone with you when you are jogging or just go for a walk is the bracelet the perfect, most simple and practical solution for you. Here you will not have a mobile jumps around in your pocket for you, or having to run with it in his hand.
We recommend:
Bluetooth Smart Wrist Healthy Bracelet




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